I bagged a Medical Rehabilitation Degree- Twitter User

Today, I bagged a Medical Rehabilitation degree from one of the best universities in the world. A twitter user came out to celebrate his achievement and he got congratulation message from Nigerians whom love Nigerians excelling in those categories.
medical rehabilitation

Medical Rehabilitation is one of the unknown courses in the university, and it is also the study of human functionality and social and vocal senses, he graduated from University of Ibadan which is surely the best university in Nigeria but putting on pedestal round his neck. He also appreciated his family who were not available to celebrate with him in the state. He also appreciated those people that congratulated him.

These are the requirements for Federal University of Owerri project defense

Project defense of FUTO

Project defense is what is likely for every student to do in the last stage of his/her Universities and without the complement of the Project, graduating out of the school is not assured.

The case of Federal University of Owerri is a total different after they requested for food stuffs and kitchen utensils from their potential graduates, but it is coming from the department of food and technology.

The requirements are;

  1. A cooler of rice with chicken/vegetable and salad
  2. Four cartoons of water
  3. Three cartoons of malt
  4. Two bottles of Groundnut
  5. One bucket of Garden Egg
  6. A set of disposable plates/spoons
  7. A pack of middle-sized waterproof
  8. 2 packets of tooth pick.

These requirements look as if they are going for a wedding ceremony but for the management of the university this might be another method of impacting knowledge to the students, and it is the practical aspect of the project defense because their project topics will be similar to all the requirements.

Foreign trained graduate can continue verification- NYSC

Nigeria youth service corps has given foreign prospective corps members a go-ahead to continue their registration by making themselves physical present at various nysc center. The foreign trained graduate can continue verification starting from July 6 and the deadline is July 17.

The foreign trained graduate can continue verification and might not need to attend orientation camp because of high rate of Coronavirus in the country. The nysc has made it known that they have no plans to reopen the orientation camp

The information is release on nysc Twitter account and the address of the centers is also in the message. The tweet states that

This is to inform foreign-trained graduates who registered online that the physical verification exercise has been scheduled to hold from Monday 6th to Friday 17th July, 2020. Those who chose the FCT as their center will commence theirs from Monday 6th to Thursday 9th July, 2020

Centers and locations for the exercise are listed below:

  1. ENUGU
    NYSC Secretariat, No. 2 Abakaliki Road, G.R.A., Enugu state
    Shadawanka Barracks, Nigerian Army, Bauchi
  3. EDO
    No. 2 Red cross Road, Off Ikpokpan G.R.A., Benin city, Edo state
    NYSC Orientation Camp, Kubwa, Abuja
  2. KANO
    Children’s park, Bakavu Barracks, Nigeiran Army, Airport Road, Fagge, kano
  3. LAGOS
    NYSC Orientation Camp, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos state
  4. OSUN
    NYSC Secretariat, New Ikirun Road, Osogbo, Osun state
    NYSC Secretariat, 40 Ikwere Road, Port-Harcourt, Rivers state
    Eagle officers Mess, 8 Division Garrison, Nigerian Army, Ginginya Barracks, Gusau Road, Sokoto

Most importantly they can come along with all your original credentials uploaded online.

Yoruba Girl was rejected by her Mother In Law because Of her tribe

A yoruba girl has decided to fall in love with someone from another tribe, but she is facing obstacles from the family of his boyfriend because they don’t have interest in getting any Yoruba indigene into their family.

A Twitter user named adeolar the talk girl tells her story

“My name is Adeolar and I’ve been in a very serious relationship with an Igbo guy.
He’s nice, handsome and we’ve been dating for 2 years. He talked about me meeting his family and I was very excited little did I know that it would turn out to be my worse nightmare. I met his mum and she seemed really nice, but her attitude changed when she realized I’m a Yoruba girl. She immediately told me to my face that I can’t marry her son. Her reasons weren’t clearly stated but she said she doesn’t like the Yoruba people. My heart melted, hot tears rolled down from my eyes; I’m Yoruba and I’m in love with an Igbo “mummy’s boy”.

I spoke with him about it and he keeps assuring me that it would be fine. It’s been almost 2 years now and the family are still not in support of our union. Every time I try to move on he comes begging that everything would be fine and that we will get married. I really love this guy, why I love him I don’t know because clearly he hasn’t done anything to deserve my heart but… He doesn’t have a good paying job yet, so I carter for most of his financial needs and even

send some food to his village during festivity.

Just recently his mother called my parents to tell them that I can’t get married to her son and asked that I should be warned to stay off her son.

He has travelled to his village for a week now and honestly I don’t know where start i really love him.”

The issue of rejection can also be spoted in religious places where a Muslim don’t want to marry a Christian and a Christian don’t have interest in any Muslim.

Nigeria’s federal road safety corps use made in Nigeria innoson motors

Nigeria federal road safety corps use made in Nigeria cars from innoson motors, innoson is a Nigeria company that deals with the production of cars.

The FRSC has taken into consideration the use of a Nigeria made product to carry out all their activities and to further more enhance the job they are into, the exportation of cars are also done through Innoson, Innoson was founded by Innocent Chukwuma Nwala.

Major production comes from France,China and other part of the world. The other Nigeria armed force also make use Innoson making it the best home-made cars use by the armed force. In past years, Nigeria government has not been in support of local manufacturer of automobiles but now government are in support of the local manufacturer and has urge the citizens to continue going for Innoson

Interstate movement in Nigeria may commence on June 21

A new development has been made that there will be an interstate movement in Nigeria and it is set to commence on june 21 also the aviation department is also ready to go to work on the same date.

The government is set to allow transportation from all part of the state in Nigeria, since the increase in the case of Coronavirus the government gave an order to lockdown every part of the country this halted the movement of the people and also led to the inability to increase the GDP of the nation.

The national coordinator of the presidential task force on COVID-19, Dr Sani Aliyu gave the hint recently that business and travelling is set to resume June 21 to make people go see their love ones but has maintain the basic precaution should be put in place to avoid the increment In the number of cases.

The opening of Nigeria airport to start from Abuja.

After the president task force on coronavirus had made report about the opening of religious places and starting curfew on lockdown remain 10pm-4am.

The federal government decides they want to open Nigeria airport

The aviation department has been giving a green light to commence activities in the airport which it has been reported that it is starting from Abuja. According to Ahmed Basir which is the Personal assistant on New Media to the president of the federal republic of Nigeria “The gradual start of domestic flight operations will commence on June’s 21st with Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt and Owerri Airports as Nigerian CAA discloses”. Opening of schools and international border still remain close to avoid the increment in the number of COVID19 patient.