We are all going to protest on Tuesday- Davido

Davido has decided to join the End SARS nationwide protest that is presently going on.

The brutality and the killing of the innocent Nigerian have become something the department of Nigeria police force enjoy doing.

This has made the Nigeria youth to protest by themselves and demand for change from the led APC Administration.

He made it known through his twitter handle where he said, his own part of protest will take place in Abuja. he tweets “Abuja tomorrow..!!! Who with me???.

Davido also demanded for a dialogue with a top politician to address the situation on ground, stating that no video call is allowed, A face to face conversation is needed to curtail the situation.

The end sars is becoming global with numerous celebrity twitting and protesting about it, last Thursday was all Falz, Runtown and Tiwa savage, other celebrities who came to support the #endsars protest are mrmacaroni, sydney talker and nasty blaq.

Wizkid and Mike have also taken to the street of to join the protest in London including adesuwa as they all want their voice to be heard by the government of the country.

Lupita Nyong pays tribute to Chadwick

lupita nyong looks happy with chadwicl
Lupita nyong has paid tribute to the dead black panther actor chadwick after the death of the actor shock the world and the movie industry

The award winning actress Lupita Nyong paid tribute to him through her Instagram page.

Chadwick’s death is something that I can neither take in nor take in stride right now. Perhaps with time… I am going to take my time…and in his honor. I promise not to waste my time i hope you will do the same.

And he used his body in every way he could… He did his own stunts drummed at his own parties, danced many a night away

mastered martial arts… the list goes on. He loved, honored and respected that body, doing more with it than most. In so doing, he took the risk to be alive, fully alive. So it seems that it was life that gave up on Chadwick long before Chadwick gave up on life.

This came after the death of the super hero. Long live Chadwick in the heart of all cast in black panther.

J Cole joins protesters in his hometown after George Floyd death

J cole has been seen alongside with NBA player Dennis Smith with protesters in his hometown of fayetteville in north caroline, during a peaceful protest after a white policeman murdered a black man called George floyd

The apparently rapper and a sport man have assured them that celebrity are ready to support them to all extent and fight against racism in the country.

The hip pop and rap artist has a big urge in supporting his people that has suffered one way or the other, like he said in one of his album that “he has love for his people not a race or tribe”, he is known for his actions like other artists who keep sending love through their social media and calls for people attention when their album is out.

J cole protested in 2014 with the people following the deaths of two black men named Michael Brown and Eric Garner and he has done the same this year for the death of George Floyd.

The star also avoided interview and was not interested in taking any picture, his target was to protest with the people and to enjoy the moment.

The “I cannot breath” protest was conducted because of the death of George Flyod, that was killed after the police kneel down on him and hold this neck, he was held because he had tatoo on his body. Other celebrities has also joined people on the street.

George Floyd is not the first black to be killed by the police, what the protesters want his an equal America, and has been preached by Kendrick Lamar and even the legendary tu pac.