Presidency assuring Nigerian that the armed force will end insurgency.

The president of the country is assuring the people of kaduna and other state facing the high rate of insurgency to keep calm and let the armed force do their job in ending and bringing them to book. people in the northern part of the country lives in fear, they really don’t know who is the next person to be slaughtered by this terrorist.

insurgency is one of the problems they have to end very fast,Their have been high killing, the government was said to have negotiated with them, but they are back, Garba shehu who is official spokeman for the Nigeria president give us the details about what the president has plan for the country on his Twitter account.

“The Presidency assures Nigerians, again, that the nation’s armed forces are fully capable of dealing with the challenges of banditry and terrorism, urging more patience as the military takes appropriate steps to block gaps being exploited to unleash mayhem on innocent citizens.

President Muhammadu Buhari, who has approved a joint military and police operation specifically targeted at combing Niger, Kaduna, Katsina, Zamfara and Sokoto States to rid the areas of bandits, …assures that surveillance will be improved, with more night vision aircraft already deployed under “Operation Accord’’.

The operation was launched three weeks ago.“Nigeria’s military has displayed its capabilities in the past and will show it again by dealing with the current challenges,” the President says. President Buhari appeals to the people of Katsina State to be patient and supportive of the ongoing military operations in the state, while sympathizing with those who are bereaved, injured and lost properties.”

President Buhari admonishes that taking to the streets for protest could distract the military operations, urging “Katsina indigenes not to give up on the military who over the years have a strong track record of quelling crises once given enough time, to end this misery and investing heavily on armed forces will surely end insurgency in the country.

this is a new development and the northern side will be surely glad that the president is working on the issue of insurgency

Manchester United to face Tottenham on the 19th of June.

Manchester United will continue their premier league campaign against Tottenham on June19 with the kick off to start by 8pm

The premier league has decided to resume their league and didn’t follow other league to cancel their league, with Liverpool leading the table with 85 points, Manchester United are ready to go Head to Head with their former boss Jose Mourinho who has been boosted by the return of both Heung min son and Harry kane.

Manchester United are hoping to secure their champions league qualification by securing the fourth place but will have to go horn to horn with Jose Mourinho side, back in January, Manchester United defeated Tottenham 2 goals to 1, the Tottenham side will also be hoping to go to Europe next season to save their poor performance.

The United side has been boosted with the return of Paul pogba and Rashford and the extension of ighalo loan deal, the match is set to hold on a neutral ground with different rules to be applied.

Premier league to allow five changes per game

The English premier league has decided to allow five changes per game as they return to action on June 19 with nine on bench for the final part of the campaign.

The premier league was called off as a result of high increase in the case of Coronavirus which send the world into panic, fans was told not to attend the games during April, which also made the league stopped then. Upon their return, a team is allowed to make five substitution per game and it is said to be played on a neutral ground.

This development was said to be made by Chelsea and was accepted by the other premier league clubs whom are ready to finish the season on a top note, players are training heavily and will be hoping to save their team from relegation.

Yoruba Girl was rejected by her Mother In Law because Of her tribe

A yoruba girl has decided to fall in love with someone from another tribe, but she is facing obstacles from the family of his boyfriend because they don’t have interest in getting any Yoruba indigene into their family.

A Twitter user named adeolar the talk girl tells her story

“My name is Adeolar and I’ve been in a very serious relationship with an Igbo guy.
He’s nice, handsome and we’ve been dating for 2 years. He talked about me meeting his family and I was very excited little did I know that it would turn out to be my worse nightmare. I met his mum and she seemed really nice, but her attitude changed when she realized I’m a Yoruba girl. She immediately told me to my face that I can’t marry her son. Her reasons weren’t clearly stated but she said she doesn’t like the Yoruba people. My heart melted, hot tears rolled down from my eyes; I’m Yoruba and I’m in love with an Igbo “mummy’s boy”.

I spoke with him about it and he keeps assuring me that it would be fine. It’s been almost 2 years now and the family are still not in support of our union. Every time I try to move on he comes begging that everything would be fine and that we will get married. I really love this guy, why I love him I don’t know because clearly he hasn’t done anything to deserve my heart but… He doesn’t have a good paying job yet, so I carter for most of his financial needs and even

send some food to his village during festivity.

Just recently his mother called my parents to tell them that I can’t get married to her son and asked that I should be warned to stay off her son.

He has travelled to his village for a week now and honestly I don’t know where start i really love him.”

The issue of rejection can also be spoted in religious places where a Muslim don’t want to marry a Christian and a Christian don’t have interest in any Muslim.

Nigeria’s federal road safety corps use made in Nigeria innoson motors

Nigeria federal road safety corps use made in Nigeria cars from innoson motors, innoson is a Nigeria company that deals with the production of cars.

The FRSC has taken into consideration the use of a Nigeria made product to carry out all their activities and to further more enhance the job they are into, the exportation of cars are also done through Innoson, Innoson was founded by Innocent Chukwuma Nwala.

Major production comes from France,China and other part of the world. The other Nigeria armed force also make use Innoson making it the best home-made cars use by the armed force. In past years, Nigeria government has not been in support of local manufacturer of automobiles but now government are in support of the local manufacturer and has urge the citizens to continue going for Innoson

Interstate movement in Nigeria may commence on June 21

A new development has been made that there will be an interstate movement in Nigeria and it is set to commence on june 21 also the aviation department is also ready to go to work on the same date.

The government is set to allow transportation from all part of the state in Nigeria, since the increase in the case of Coronavirus the government gave an order to lockdown every part of the country this halted the movement of the people and also led to the inability to increase the GDP of the nation.

The national coordinator of the presidential task force on COVID-19, Dr Sani Aliyu gave the hint recently that business and travelling is set to resume June 21 to make people go see their love ones but has maintain the basic precaution should be put in place to avoid the increment In the number of cases.

The opening of Nigeria airport to start from Abuja.

After the president task force on coronavirus had made report about the opening of religious places and starting curfew on lockdown remain 10pm-4am.

The federal government decides they want to open Nigeria airport

The aviation department has been giving a green light to commence activities in the airport which it has been reported that it is starting from Abuja. According to Ahmed Basir which is the Personal assistant on New Media to the president of the federal republic of Nigeria “The gradual start of domestic flight operations will commence on June’s 21st with Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt and Owerri Airports as Nigerian CAA discloses”. Opening of schools and international border still remain close to avoid the increment in the number of COVID19 patient.

Presidential task force on COVID19 reduces curfew.

The Nigeria presidential task force has reduced the curfew nation wide from 10pm-4am and it is said to be implemented starting from tomorrow.

The Nigeria presidential task force consist of the health minister and others which was created by the government to reduce the spread of COVID19 has decided to reduce curfew from 8am-6pm to 10pm-4am and uplift the restriction on religions gathering, which means churches and mosques can continue their worship, but their is still restriction on schools and they are extending the restriction on the Aviation department till June 21. Information reaching us from Bashir Ahmed on his twitter handle

The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has submitted parts of its recommendations on the partial re-opening of some additional businesses, schools and places of worships for possible consideration by President @MBuhari, SGF Boss Mustapha disclosed after briefing the President”.

But there are still restriction on interstate movement from one state to another apart from goods and essential travelling.

The federal government has also ease the lockdown on kano state and has decided to go with phase one rule.

The presidential task force has given a green light on hotels that they might open it giving that they follow the NCDC, bars, cinema, nightclubs and park are closed till further notice.

NCDC reports 307 new cases of Covid 19 in Nigeria.

covid 19 statistics

Nigeria being known as giant of Africa and for its good economy, a place where investors come in to invest, has 307 new cases of coronavirus (covid 19) increasing the number to 10162 patients, 3007 has been discharged, while they suffers 287 death.

The NCDC( nigeria center for disease control) reported through their twitter hand that Lagos has the highest number of covid19. The state also remains the capital for the disease.

They experience reduction in the cases from Saturday to Sunday, they number of the new cases include.


Cross river has been the only state in nigeria without the COVID 19 case, even though it was said that the Madagascar herbal drink which works like miracle has gotten to nigeria, there haven’t been any positive impact on nigerian.

The federal government is trying to curb the increase of these cases by encouraging its citizen to wear face mask, wash their hands and apply sanitizer and social distancing which is the best, but other state government has relax over the cases.

Nigeria has been ranked one of the africa countries with the highest covid 19 cases behind South Africa(32,683) and Eygpt (24,985). Nigerian on social media don’t believe the numbers after the governor of Kogi made mention of the fact that they don’t have any case of Covid19

J Cole joins protesters in his hometown after George Floyd death

J cole has been seen alongside with NBA player Dennis Smith with protesters in his hometown of fayetteville in north caroline, during a peaceful protest after a white policeman murdered a black man called George floyd

The apparently rapper and a sport man have assured them that celebrity are ready to support them to all extent and fight against racism in the country.

The hip pop and rap artist has a big urge in supporting his people that has suffered one way or the other, like he said in one of his album that “he has love for his people not a race or tribe”, he is known for his actions like other artists who keep sending love through their social media and calls for people attention when their album is out.

J cole protested in 2014 with the people following the deaths of two black men named Michael Brown and Eric Garner and he has done the same this year for the death of George Floyd.

The star also avoided interview and was not interested in taking any picture, his target was to protest with the people and to enjoy the moment.

The “I cannot breath” protest was conducted because of the death of George Flyod, that was killed after the police kneel down on him and hold this neck, he was held because he had tatoo on his body. Other celebrities has also joined people on the street.

George Floyd is not the first black to be killed by the police, what the protesters want his an equal America, and has been preached by Kendrick Lamar and even the legendary tu pac.