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Hilda Baci Breaks World Cooking Record Hope To Set A New One

The “longest cooking marathon by an individual” record was broken by Hilda Effiong Bassey, also known as Hilda Baci, a Nigerian chef.

On Monday morning, the chef broke the 87-hour, 45-minute record held by Indian chef Lata Tondon, the current holder of the Guinness World Record.

On Thursday at precisely 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Baci started the challenge by turning on her cooker.

As the first person ever to spend so much time cooking, Hilda continues to cook for 96 hours despite having already shattered the previous record.

Government representatives, celebrities, priests, and other well-meaning Nigerians have continued to show their support for The Chef.

Chef Tondon, who had previously held the record for “longest cooking time,” had already emailed Hilda her best wishes.

Additionally, Hilda Baci received a call from Udom Emmanuel, the governor of her own Akwa Ibom State, on Sunday evening and was thanked for exemplifying the Dakkada concept of the State.

The governor was ecstatic by her drive and commitment to breaking the record for the longest individual cooking marathon.

“This is the essence of our Dakkada philosophy—the will to dare and succeed where others have failed. We applaud you for showcasing our culinary prowess as well as our famous, nationally and globally “

Hilda Baci

Where Is Hilda Baci Cooking Now

The beautiful cook was present at Amore Gardens in Lekki, Lagos State. She was motivated by the existence of the governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo Olu.

Hilda Baci Instagram

The beautiful lady has 620,000 followers on Instagram, along with 1740 followers and 283 posts. She has beautiful pictures that have gotten the attention of a lot of people.

About Hilda Baci

Hilda Bassey Effiong is her true name. She is a young Nigerian cook from the Akwa Ibom State LGA of Nsit Ubium.

Hilda Baci

My Food by Hilda is the name of the food company she owns in Lagos. Twenty-seven is her age.

Hilda Baci Husband

The identity of Hilda’s partner or husband is presently unknown. She has, however, shared love up/romantic moment videos with the guy in several of her Instagram videos. But she is in a committed relationship.

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