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Axel Witsel Has Retired From International Football.

Belgium midfielder Alex Witsel has called it a career in international football, retiring at the age of 34 after a disappointing World Cup performance.

The midfielder announced his retirement via his social media account, saying, “After careful consideration, it is with great emotion that I made the decision to retire from international football.”

“It was a great pride to have been able to represent my country during these last 15 years.” It is now time for him to devote his time to friends and family.

The player thanked his teammates and the coach of the Belgium national team. He was also grateful to the medical staff. The midfielder scored 12 goals in 137 appearances.

Axel Witsel Fifa 23

His pace and acceleration are 33 and 34, respectively. Witsel’s positioning is rated 69 because he is a defensive midfielder, and his finishing power is rated 62.

Axel Witsel

Witsel shot power is rated at around 64 and long shot power at 57. The volleys and shot power are rated around 76 and 75.

The Belgian’s passing vision is around 75, and his crossing ability is rated at 68. His free-kick and shot-passing abilities are around 64 and 89, respectively.

Witsel’s long pass is rated 81, and his curve is rated 71. His agility and balance are made to be around 64 and 67.

Axel Witsel

Axel Witsel Parents

Alex’s father is named Thierry Witsel, who is a politician. He was born in 1968 on Martinique, a Caribbean island. The mother is named Sylvie Witsel, and the parents both hail from Belgium.

Even though they have dark skin, they are well respected by the Belgians.

Axel Witsel

axel witsel and fellaini

Belgian media said that Witsel of Borussia Dortmund has invested in a firm that has purchased the club’s stadium and would rent it back to them, while former midfielders Fellaini of Manchester United and Everton, who is currently playing in China, has loaned the team 3 million euros.

Last month, the Belgian Football Association revoked Standard’s license due to rising debts, thereby demoting the team to the fourth division of Belgian football.

Club spokesman Olivier Smeets told reporters on Wednesday that a country-wide sports arbitration court appeal was successful.

Standard, who placed third in their Europa League group this season behind Arsenal and Eintracht Frankfurt, were in fifth place in the Belgian league when it was stopped in March.

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