To pass the Manchester United trial, you need to pass the Manchester United fitness test. In order to pass 

You will need to run 20–100-yard sprints over a period of 20 minutes. Each run lasts one minute for a combined run and recovery.

The run and recovery periods will vary throughout the fitness test, with run times ranging from as little as 15 seconds to as long as 25 seconds.

Elite players will be able to complete the whole fitness test, but a great goal is 15 runs. If you find yourself only able to run 10 to 15 runs, then keep working to see whether you can improve.

Trying these tests every few days over a period of a few weeks is a great way to assess where you’re at and see how your training improves with time and effort.

What Is The Manchester United Fitness Test

Manchester United fitness tests are parameters used to measure the fitness of a player. It is also used to determine whether you are ready for a football trial at the club.

These Manchester United fitness tests helped the current Manchester United manager, Erik Ten Hag, pick players ahead of the match.

It is really effective, and the medical staff always looks ahead to make themselves available whenever needed.

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