Real Madrid starlet and Marcelo’s son Enzo Alves Vieria had earned a call-up for the Spanish U-15 team thanks to their impressive form at Real Madrid.

Enzo Alves had scored more than 100 goals as a striker since he started his career. He joined Real Madrid in 2017 after playing junior football with Santa Ana.

Enzo was born in Madrid on September 16, 2009. The 15-year-old has shown he is one of the youngsters Real Madrid can trust for the future. He is a regular member of the Real Madrid national team, and Enzo had shown excellent character in his style of play.

Enzo Alves Vieria Stats

In just nine league games, the teenager has racked up an incredible 19 goals and four assists. He had also scored a lot of goals so far in his career.

Enzo Alves Vieria Height 2022

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