Luke Shaw FIFA 23 rating: “The English left back has a nice pace, and he is rated 86 in terms of his pace.” His sprint pace is rated at 87. Shaw’s shooting ability was deemed poor, and there are no improvements to his shooting ability, which was rated 60.

When you also talk about the player finishing with a rating of 43, may be it was due to the fact he has not scored a lot of goals in the previous matches. 

Shaw’s long pass is rated at 60, and his penalty ability is rated at 43. Where Shaw excels as a defender comes from his passing ability. His vision on the ball is rated 87. 

Luke Shaw FIFA 23

His long crosses are rated 78. The English left back who had his best season last season had 84 dribbling ability. His balance on the ball and his ball control are rated 84 and 85.


Stamina 72
Strength 77

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