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America Basketball Player Eric Montross Has Been Diagonized With Cancer

The family of the former NBA star took to social media to announce Eric Montross is under treatment for a cancer diagnosis.

The nature of the cancer has not been revealed by the family, but the family has pledged to beat the disease in an emotional letter.

Montross was a former NBA star who started his career back in 1994. Also, he has since been working back at the University of North Carolina as a radio analyst for the basketball team.

The Montross family revealed via their Twitter account that the retired basketball player will undergo his treatment at UNC’s Lineberger Center in North Carolina.

The family claimed they have always stood against cancer among children and know well about the accomplishments they have gotten.

They also called for the support of the fans, stating their support is one of the things that can help beat cancer.

They are all in this fight together. The Eric Montross Fathers Day Basketball Camp was started by Montross the year he was selected by the NBA, and it has since helped the UNC Children’s Hospital raise over $1 million.

Vaccine Ambassadors, which aims to provide vaccines around the world, especially to impoverished countries and children in need, was co-founded by Montross and the Pan-American Health Organization.

Eric Montross net worth

Eric Montross

In his basketball career, Montross earned a whopping $18,000,000 from different clubs. He played for five different American basketball clubs, and his highest earnings came from the Toronto Raptors, where he earned $2,900,000.

During his playing career, he was regarded as one of the richest basketball players in America.

Eric Montross Blood

Eric Montross

In a game known as “Bloody Montross,” North Carolina defeated Duke 75-73 in the Smith Center. A famous photo in Carolina history is of Montross shooting free throws while bleeding from a laceration beneath his left eye. In the end, Montross had 12 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 blocks.
He laughed, “Now that we’ve won the game, I can wear the scars as a badge of honor; if we hadn’t won, it would be a horrible deal.

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