A former Deputy Senate President of Nigeria Ike Ekeweremadu and his wife Beatrice was sentenced to 12 years imprisonments in America after being found guilty of organ harvest.

Also, the doctor who engaged in such a bad atrocity was found guilty of the incident. He was majorly charged for convincing a young boy to Move to Britain with the promise of good life in the country.

The criminals conspired to bring a 21-year-old boy to Britain. The boy was a trader from Lagos State, and the former Senate President conspired with the doctor to try and remove his kidney for the ailing daughter.

The judge, Justice Jeremy Johnson, will pass a sentence at a later date, The Guardian UK reports.   Also standing in front of the judge was the family of Ekeweremadu, looking detestable and fearful.

This conviction was the first of its kind under the Modern Slavery Act. Ike and his wife Beatrice were arrested later last year and were charged for bringing a 21 years boy for organ harvest.

The young man was presented as Sonia’s cousin in a bid to convince the doctors to spend £80,000 on carrying out the surgical operation on him at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

Ekeweremadu NetWorth

The famous Nigerian politician had gathered most of his money from being a politician, and he also has other businesses in which he has heavily invested. According to reports, a politician has £5 million as his net worth.

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