Rumours are already flying around on the whether Nigeria famous comedian Brain Jotter is dead.

A video came out on TikTok with someone writing RIP and a crying emoji on his picture but the truth of the matter his the comedian is still alive looking good and healthy.

However, the comedian has not come out to debunk the claim. The issue of posting someone’s picture who is not dead on social media is as bad as everything in this world.

Brain Jotter was supposed to sue the person who started the rumors and make the person a scapegoat to other people around who were planning on doing such just to trend.

Some social media users also brought up the fact that no official news outlet covered this story, and that it makes no sense to believe such news in the absence of authentic and original facts.

In addition, many people are curious to learn more about this Nigerian comedian. Chukwuebuka Amuzie, also known as Brain Jotter, is a stand-up comedian from Nigeria. In addition to performing stand-up comedy,

He is an actor as well as a content creator. He has shared his comic routines on social media, where he is highly active.

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