Dremo Complains About Nigeria Bank Network Issue As He Failed To Transfer Money For A Month

Dremo has taken to his Twitter account to talk about the difficulties he faces using the bank app nowadays.

The fast-rising rapper, who started his music career under Davido, posted a screenshot of the bank app with the caption that he was not able to use it.

Bank services have always been an issue that users find difficult to use. Apart from the issue of bank networks, cash shortages have been a menace to the growth of the economy, with many finding it difficult to continue with their day-to-day activities.

However, different people are already diverting to apps like Opay and Palmpay, which have been the most reliable platforms to send and receive money in recent.

The musician had been the subject of huge discussion after he made the claim that women wait for men to sort this bill out, especially people from Lagos.

He claimed that some Lagos girls don’t like sorting out their bills, even though they have enough at hand.

The rapper continues to buttress the point that in other places he has been, the girls are not like that, unlike Lagos girls, who demand almost everything.

Other people have also talked about how demanding the Lagos girls are. Before you can get their attention, you have to be rich. Most of them are less concerned about the job their boyfriends are doing.

Is Dremo Still in DMW?


The talented musician is still a member of the DMW and has been providing a lot of hot songs since he joined the record label. The musician seems to be the only rapper who is providing nice music under the mentorship of World Famous Davido.

Is Dremo A Yoruba Man?

His origin is from Edo State, but he speaks little Yoruba because his mother is from that part of the country. He cannot speak the Yoruba language fluently because it is not his first language.

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