A gunshot victim accused the arrested representative, Alhassan Doguwa, of shooting him in the legs.

The victim told the interviewer that Doguwa did not assign anyone to shoot, and he did it himself.

Dogawa was arrested on his way to Abuja and had to remain in prison for murder cases, culpable homicide, and criminal conspiracy, causing grievous harm by putting people in the house and setting it on fire for failing to vote for his preferred candidate.

The Magistrate Court, Ibrahim Yola, remanded the lawmaker until the 7th of March for the hearing of his bail application.

The case needs further study before they can give their legal advice on it.

The lawmaker was also accused of being involved in a clash between NNPC and APC members that led to the killing of three people.

The politician who is seeking reelection to represent the Tudun Wada, Doguwa Federal Constituency got the venue during the voting period and started the conflict over the cancellation of the election results.

Doguwa was seen previously threatening the electorate in a manner that seemed frightening.

He stated that anybody who does not vote for the APC will be heavily dealt with.

Alhassan Doguwa

Alhassan Ado-Doguwa Wives

The well-known lawmaker stated while giving a speech in the House of Representatives that he has more than four wives and 30 children.

The names of his four wives are Halima Alhassan Ado, Umma Alhassan Ado, Binta Alhassan Ado, and Bilikisu Alhassan Ado. He lives happily with his wives.

Alhassan Doguwa

Alhassan Doguwa Net Worth

He made most of his money from being a politician; Doguwa has a net worth of between $1, 000,000 and $6, 000,000.

However, other sources of income were not stated. Doguwa was born on August 14, 1965, and he is currently 57 years old. He was the son of one of the members who formed the NEPU.

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