Chrisland School Owner: 5 Facts You Should Know About Her.

The Chrisland School owner has been the subject of discussion on the internet after the death of a young lady. Chrisland is a school that is known for its scandals and poor decisions on inappropriate issues. 

After her death, accusations and rumors are flying around that she may have been a ritualist. Many claimed that the school should be shut down by the government for its constant negligence. 

The rate at which people are dying in the school is outrageous. However, the security agency will make decisions on whether to close down the school or not in the coming days.

Here are the 5 facts you should know about the Chrisland school owner

1. She has her school all around Lagos and Port Harcourt. Around Idimu-Ejigbo Road, Mrs. Awosika has one of the biggest schools ever; it occupies 4700 square meters, and you get to see how popular the school is on an occasional basis.

2. She was born in Ondo State on February 13, 1940. She is currently 83 years old. The names of her parents are Julius Alade Osobia and Mrs. Bolaji Arobo Oginni.

Chrisland School Owner

3. Mrs. Awosika’s father owns one of the most beautiful multistory buildings in Ondo State, and they are well recognized by the people of Ondo.

The Storey building is in between gardens, which is good enough to acquire the colonial masters then. Mrs. Awosika’s father was also an interpreter for the colonial masters.

4. The father’s house was then used by the cocoa merchant for the production of cocoa. Chrisland’s owner was also from a very rich family. Mrs. Awosika went to the best schools in the country.

Chrisland School Owner

5. She finished her university level in Unilag Akoka. The intelligent woman has an estimated net worth of 500 million naira. She founded the first Chrisland on October 3, 1970.

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