Dapo Abiodun Suspends Re-election Campaign Indefinitely Due to Economy Crises

The Governor of Ogun State, Nigeria, Prince Dapo Abiodun, has announced his intentions of suspending his re-election campaign due to the issues sabrogating the nation.

The governor took the decision to focus on the people of Ogun State’s plight due to the hike in fuel prices, coupled with fuel scarcity and also cash scarcity.

The governor claimed he shared the same pain with the people of Ogun State, who are finding it difficult to get their old naira swapped for the new currency, and fuel scarcity has made transportation fares a little bit more expensive.

Dapo Abiodun

According to the governor, he believed that the plight being endured by the people was like a sacrifice for a better tomorrow and the good Nigeria they have always hoped for.

Dapo Abiodun assured them that better actions are already being taken to ease the situation on the ground and promise the people everything will be back to normal.

The governor claimed it was insensitive for the administration to ignore the people’s plight due to the fact that they were elected by the people.

Dapo Abiodun

He said it wouldn’t be a good one if they continued with the re-election campaign when people couldn’t go on with their normal lives and they couldn’t buy fuel.

Dapo Abiodun promised to return to campaigning when everything comes back to normal and the citizens are going around performing their economic activities.

Abiodun reaffirmed the commitment of his administration to improving the quality of life for the people, urging them to register as permanent voters and cast ballots for all the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidates.

Dapo Abiodun

The governor called for a meeting with all the central back staffs in Ogun state to avert the crises. 
However, the issue of a lack of currency can only be resolved by the Governor of the Central Bank, Godwin Emefiele. Also, the deadline for the old currency will end on February 10, 2023.

Due to the issues, a part of Ogun State is already experiencing severe crises as the Nigerian youth are currently destroying banks in Abeokuta.

All measures had been taken to subdue the protesters by the security officers.

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