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Nicolas Tagliafico Has Gotten a Tattoo of The World Cup Trophy.

World Cup winner Nicolas Tagliafico has followed in the footsteps of his Argentina teammates by getting a tattoo of a picture of him lifting the title.

Tagliafico, who made little impact in helping his teammates win the title, put black ink on his right leg as he hoped to return to Olympic Lyon.

Tagliafico also kissed the World Cup at his wedding to Caro Calvagni on Tuesday in Bueno Aires, with his teammates in attendance.

Tagliafico played in five matches for Argentina in his run to the final, where they defeated France on penalties.

Apart from Tagliafico, Emiliano Martinez, who saved a last-minute ball from France, also drew a tattoo of the world on his left leg.

Nicolas Tagliafico

The defender wants to continue performing at the highest level with Olympic Lyon, and Tagliafico wants to win a lot of trophies this year.

He joined the French side from Ajax after the departure of Erik Ten Hag.

Nicolas Tagliafico FIFA 23

His acceleration is rated at 79, and his positioning is given as 69. The player’s shot power is given as 65, and his volleys are rated 44.

He has a good eye for vision with his ability to give a long pass, which is why he is rated at 69.

His ability to take free kicks is really low, with a rate of 40. The player’s long passes are rated at 75, and his interceptions are rated at 79.

Nicolas Tagliafico

His defense awareness is nil, and his sliding tackle (80) is slightly above average.

Nicolas Tagliafico FIFA 21

For the 2021 FIFA rating, his acceleration rating is 81 and his sprint speed is 82. His crossing improved to 82, and his short passes are 78. His ability to curve the ball is rated at 68.

Nicolas Tagliafico

His interception rating is 82, and his defensive awareness is rated 84.

Tagliafico’s sliding tackle is rated at 81, and his stamina rating is 85. His aggressive ability was rated at 84 due to his ability to quickly dispossess wingers.

Nicolas Tagliafico FIFA 19

Nicolas Tagliafico

He is an excellent defender with a ball control rating of 78, and he also has a nice ability to cross the ball, which FIFA rates at 80.

His long pass is rated 67, and his ability to mark is rated 83. Also, when it comes to the stand tackle, the player is extremely intelligent; he has a rating of 79 in terms of the slide tackle.

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