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Deji Adeyanju Claims PDP Was Better Than APC in Security And Anti-Corruption

A human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju, has taken to his Twitter account to push out the claim that the PDP is a better party than the APC for Nigerians in terms of anti-corruption and security.

Deji Adeyanju, who has been a supporter of Atiku Abubakar, called APC the real definition of hellfire. The PDP is looking forward to winning the election in February 2023 after ruling the country for 16 years.

Many people have criticized the ruling party for failing to take corruption seriously.

Deji Adeyanju

Under the Buhari administration, there has been a high level of embezzlement by the federation’s accountant general, and the APC government has failed to end insurgency in the country.

Concerning insecurity, the well-known terrorist organization has developed factions, many reported cases of ethnic clashes, and numerous occasions of prison break, even in federal capital territory.

Deji Adeyanju

Aside from that, the current regime has seen the emergence of a separatist group, IPOB, which has been making life difficult for them in the South East through the use of “stay at home” orders.

Deji Adeyanju

Under President Muhammed Buhari, there have been changes in the head of the army staff, but the problem of insecurity persists on a daily basis.

During the APC regime, we have seen a surge in the price of basic commodities and fuel, but that not withstanding, President Buhari has given the best in terms of infrastructure.

Also under the current regime, Nigeria has seen an increase in foreign debt, the unemployment rate, and many more indicators.

Deji Adeyanju

The majority of the projects that failed to be completed under former President Goodluck Jonathan have been completed by the present regime. President Jonathan took an external loan that failed to improve the infrastructure of the country.

Also, the Goodluck Jonathan regime failed to subdue Boko Haram, which was part of the reason why the former President was voted out of office.

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