The New Nigeria We Seek Is The One Citizens Can Criticize-Peter Obi

The Labour Party’s flagbearer, Peter Obi, has taken to Twitter to discuss the new Nigeria that everyone wants.

Peter Obi thinks that in the new Nigeria, people would be allowed to express their criticism and hold their leaders responsible for any problems that arise in the nation.

In order to improve the country as a whole, Obi has urged leaders to start embracing constructive criticism from the populace.

The most recent statement was made by Peter Obi in response to inquiries about how he intends to address the issue of police brutality in the nation.

He added that people who opposed him genuinely wanted the best for Nigeria as a country moving forward. He continued by discussing the issue of insecurity and how the current administration’s neglect of the agricultural sector has increased food prices.

Farmer had to stay away from the property due to insecurity; Boko Haram is now asking for fees to let farmer use their farm in the North. Another obstacle halting the development of Nigeria’s agricultural sector is a lack of investment.

Peter Obi

The Labour Party’s candidate for president spent some time to explain to his supporters how he intends to solve the Nigeria largest issue ever (Terrorism)

He also honor the Queen’s College Lagos Old Girls Association (QCOGA) as you celebrate your esteemed college’s 95th birthday.

The Former Governor of Anambra State put forward the fact that the distinction of being the Federation’s largest college for girls.

Peter Obi

The thought of Peter Obi visiting the flood victims in Benue State while utilizing a canoe without a life jacket has drawn criticism from some of his fans.

He recently commented on his followers’ ascent of the tallest peak in Africa to hang the Labour Party’s flag from the rocks. He remarked that their desire to take their nation back demonstrates their patriotism.

Prior to the 2023 Presidential election, Peter Obi has consistently had overwhelming support from Obidients, despite the fact that he has frequently been criticized for being a politician without a plan.

Peter Obi

Many have given up on his chances of winning the election, but he is unwavering in his resolve and hopes that Nigerians would support him in his noble efforts to serve his country.

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