Sonia Ekweremadu had publicly pleaded with the public for a kidney donor as she waits for a kidney transplant. Her father, in a bid to save his daughter, was arrested by the UK Police on the issue of organ harvesting and still remains in detention.

Sonia’s mother has been released on bail. This will help her stay with her daughter. Three different people have shown empathy and would love to donate their kidney for Sonia’s survival.

1. Annastasia Michael

The beautiful lady took to her Facebook account to say she wanted to be among the kidney donors for Sonia. The lady on Facebook is doing that to show women can help women.

She continued with her Her kidney is healthy because she does not drink alcohol and she dropped her details in case Sonia’s family wants to contact her. She also prayed that God heals Sonia.

2. Iam Ben

Iam is 29 years old and he publicly said he wants to donate his kidney to the ailing former Deputy Senate President’s daughter, Sonia, to help her save her life.

3. Mata Orji

In a video circulating online, Mata Orji claimed that she would love to help Sonia because she is dying. Mata said, “She has been shown in her dream to help her.”

If possible, Mata wants to do it quickly to save Sonia. Mata doesn’t want to demand anything, and the most important thing is to save the girl.

Sonia Ekweremadu Before And After Pictures

Due to her ailment, which has a horrible effect on her skin. From the looks of the two pictures, the kidney problem she had made her skin look rough and black.

Sonia had a very light skin when she was in the University in London. In her former picture, it shows that she was looking healthy, beautiful, and chubby. The most recent photo showed the former Deputy Senate President’s daughter shrinking in size.

Sonia Ekweremadu

Sonia Ekweremadu Education

Sonia traveled to London for her education, and she graduated from Coventry University London.

At 25 years old, they dropped out of the University of Newcastle in 2019 for their postgraduate degree after she was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Sonia Ekweremadu

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