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Ramsdale Got Hit By Coins Against Leeds United

In his recent interview with Ben Foster, Ramsdale made a statement about how Leeds United fans hit him with coins after Arsenal scored the first goal. The goalkeeper got 2 euros worth of coins and got 17 euros total, going ahead to hold them in his towel after the first half. Leeds lost heavily by 4 goals to one.

Aaron claimed that the fans were hurt after he went ahead to blow kisses to them and they constantly threw cigarettes, lighters, and some dangerous items on the field. Ramsdale was only beaten once by a Leeds United attacker.

The 23 year old goalkeeper has kept Arsenal in most of their games with strings of saves. Since Ramdsale’s arrival, they have kept a lot of clean sheets and have been dominant, with Champions League football likely to come back to North London this season. If the goalkeeper continues to give his best, he is likely to get into the England national team and also win silverware for Arsenal this season. After the game, his playful antics were¬†praised by Arsenal legend Ian Wright.

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