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Muhammad buhari talks about natural resources.

Muhammad buhari talks about natural resources.

muhammad buhari in talk with the governor of Zamfara state

Muhammad buhari has talked about natural resources in Nigeria.

The federal government made mention of it after the governor of zamfara come with the state natural resources.

The governor came to aso Rock in Abuja to give the president gold and other precious stones that is mine in the state

Gov. Matawalle of Zamfara visited some days ago to present gold and other precious stones from the State.

The Federal Government would like to see every State in Nigeria develop its potentials to the fullest.

And they will continue to provide policy direction & support to this effect.

The president Muhammad buhari also want other governor’s to make effective use of the natural resources of their state. To show full potential as a nation.

Nigeria is being blessed with so many natural resources like gemstone, petroleum, coal and other resources.

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