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Yoruba Girl was rejected by her Mother In Law because Of her tribe

Yoruba Girl was rejected by her Mother In Law because Of her tribe

A yoruba girl has decided to fall in love with someone from another tribe, but she is facing obstacles from the family of his boyfriend because they don’t have interest in getting any Yoruba indigene into their family.

A Twitter user named adeolar the talk girl tells her story

“My name is Adeolar and I’ve been in a very serious relationship with an Igbo guy.
He’s nice, handsome and we’ve been dating for 2 years. He talked about me meeting his family and I was very excited little did I know that it would turn out to be my worse nightmare. I met his mum and she seemed really nice, but her attitude changed when she realized I’m a Yoruba girl. She immediately told me to my face that I can’t marry her son. Her reasons weren’t clearly stated but she said she doesn’t like the Yoruba people. My heart melted, hot tears rolled down from my eyes; I’m Yoruba and I’m in love with an Igbo “mummy’s boy”.

I spoke with him about it and he keeps assuring me that it would be fine. It’s been almost 2 years now and the family are still not in support of our union. Every time I try to move on he comes begging that everything would be fine and that we will get married. I really love this guy, why I love him I don’t know because clearly he hasn’t done anything to deserve my heart but… He doesn’t have a good paying job yet, so I carter for most of his financial needs and even

send some food to his village during festivity.

Just recently his mother called my parents to tell them that I can’t get married to her son and asked that I should be warned to stay off her son.

He has travelled to his village for a week now and honestly I don’t know where start i really love him.”

The issue of rejection can also be spoted in religious places where a Muslim don’t want to marry a Christian and a Christian don’t have interest in any Muslim.

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